About Haim Aronovitz

Currently serving as the Director of Melton Travel Seminars, Haim Aronovitz came to Melton with a rich background of formal and informal educational work – whether in the IDF as an education officer, the Israeli school system, or the world of informal and field-based education.

Haim has led and developed the Melton Travel Seminars since 1999, striving to teach "site as text" and "text as site", one of the hallmarks of Melton field learning. Under his leadership, Melton has developed an additional eleven seminars, most of them in Israel or Europe. Over the past two years, as all travel was halted, Haim helped develop a number of online travel opportunities.

Haim and his wife, Sandy, recently moved to Pardes Hanna, after many decades of being based in Jerusalem. They are looking forward to being in closer proximity to their three children and grandchildren as they move into this next phase of their lives.

About Melton

For four decades, Melton has inspired learners from around the world at all levels of religious engagement to better understand their Jewish selves. But Melton's impact goes further: we nurture unity and build community through Jewish learning.

With innovation at its core, Melton continues to expand and evolve to meet the needs of today's Jewish learners, offering unparalleled educational opportunities and immersive travel experiences. Specifically, over the last year and a half, and as a result of transitioning programs online, Melton's learnership has surged, adding 1,000 new learners to its global community of 5,000 learners from 175 communities in 14 countries. Curious Jews from across the world seek out Melton's renowned educational options. During a time of isolation and dissonance, Melton forms bonds that transcend geographic, denominational and generational lines.

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